* Watch radical religious hate group try–and fail–to disrupt Womens March on Washington


Wielding an electronic megaphone and huge signs, the extreme religious group Bible Believers did its best to try to disrupt Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington . The anti-Islamic, anti-gay group, which had crashed an Arab International Festival in Michigan in 2012 armed with a pig’s head on a spike and anti-Islamic signs and had itself been physically attacked for disrupting […]


* Take this simple act now to help stop Trump from trashing the earth’s climate


Feel helpless to stop Donald Trump from quitting the Paris Climate Agreement? You aren’t powerless. You can help stop him in his tracks this very minute. Without getting up from your chair or spending a dime. Just sign this petition. To sign petition, click here. It will be delivered to leaders of the European […]


* Pardon me: Julian Assange wants Trump to free him after he threw the election to Trump.


I once was a supporter of Wikileaks and Julian Assange. When I contributed to the Freedom of the Press Foundation years ago, I earmarked some of the funds for Wikileaks. And when I visited London in 2013, I dropped by the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange was holed up, out of respect for him and to take […]


In Congressman Scott Garrett’s church,  tolerating gays is ‘shameful’ 


Scott Garrett (R-NJ) says he’s not a bigot. “I am a devout man of faith,” he announced in January. “Calling me names or implying that I have malice in my heart for any person or group of people is false and completely disingenuous.” Garrett was responding to Wall Street’s Bigot in Washington, an article about […]


* The Bigot of Bergen County: How a nice NYC suburb got stuck with a Tea Party Congressman

Anti-Garrett billboard in Fort Lee, NJ.

When New Jersey Congressman Scott Garrett refused to pay dues to the National Republican Congressional Committee because, he said, it recruited and supported gay candidates, he made national headlines. Garrett has also co-sponsored a House bill—titled the First Amendment Defense Act—that lets companies deny service to same-sex weddings due to religious objections. This May, the seven-term […]


* Dear France: Do you—or DON’T you—support freedom of the press?

je ne suis pas

Chers amis, Did you mean it when you turned out on the streets of Paris last year to support Charlie Hebdo? If you did, then you should also be publicly objecting to the threatened criminal prosecution of another French journalist, photographer Maya Vidon-White, for doing her job while covering terrorism in France. Vidon-White—who has over the years risked her life to […]


* Consumer Reports subscriber tells CR’s president the hard truth


Of the thousands who responded to our recent report on the flood of experts fleeing the horrific leadership at Consumer Reports, one longtime CR subscriber kindly gave us permission to share with the public the following e-mail they sent to CR’s President, Marta Tellado. (According to this email’s author, the “website” they refer to below is […]


* 22 more experts have fled horrific leadership at Consumer Reports


Last July, I broke the news that Consumer Reports had gutted its editorial staff by inducing 16 of its most experienced editors to leave. (Disclosure: I’m one of those 16.) Now I’m reporting for the first time that 22 experts have also left, bringing Consumer Reports’ total loss to 38. That’s a staggering 500 person-years’ […]


* Consumer be damned: These ads ram themselves down your throat!


Are you thrilled that you can skip over TV ads with your DVR and squelch online ads with an ad-blocker? Don’t get too cocky! As you read this, advertisers are striking back all over the place with in-your-face ads that you literally can’t avoid because—as they boast on Madison Avenue—you’re captive. That’s right: Outside your […]


* Do you suffer from MAP? Ask your doctor about MORTIFY™


Do you get an occasional headache? Does your back or shoulder act up now and then? Like millions of Americans, you have probably suffered for years from a previously unnamed condition known as MAP (minor aches and pains). Yes, finally, there’s not only a disease name for this dread condition, but a treatment for it: […]


* Is Consumer Reports getting rid of its older workers?

old box3

As I documented in a recent report, Exposed: Behind the Brain Drain at Consumer Reports, 16 experienced editors were induced to leave Consumer Reports during the past three years. All, it turns out, were aged 50 or older. Since I wrote that report in July, several more key staffers in that age range, both editors and non-editors, […]